What does CNC mean and what is a CNC machine?

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. A CNC machine is one which is controlled by a computer to cut or engrave shapes in several different materials like wood, metal, plastic and stone to name a few. CAD or CAM software is used to program a CNC machine to take your drawing and create it using various cutting implements into a 2 or 3-dimensional object.

What is a CNC machine used for?

A CNC machine offers a high degree of cutting and engraving accuracy across various materials. There are various types of CNC machines available whether you want a CNC router for cutting ply wood or a laser for cutting foam or concrete – if you have a cutting need there will be a CNC machine to match it. To read more about the different types of CNC machine available click here.

CNC machining is ideal for both producing high volume objects like skirting boards or kitchen cabinets and one off prototypes. A CNC machine can come in a range of sizes dependent on need and application and can offer additional features like automatic tool changers to make your job easier.

Find out about the different types of CNC machines and advice on how to choose the right machine here, take a look at our latest case studies or contact us to discuss your cutting needs.

What do AMS offer?

At AMS we offer a range of machines from CNC Routers through to the latest in large scale 3D printing technology. We can work with you through looking at your business challenges and requirements, guiding you through the selection of your new CNC machine, we can help with finance solutions and we offer superb training and an ongoing support and service agreement.