What is a 5-Axis CNC Router?

A 5-Axis CNC Machine can move a tool across 5 axes, meaning it can cut, trim and engrave an object from any angle.

The benefits of a 5-axis router

Understandably 5-axis CNC routers are more expensive than 3-axis and 3+2-axis CNC machines, they are bigger and more complex. So, it is important to understand the benefits to know if it is the right purchasing choice for your business.

You can create more complex shapes (pic of the bust)

With 5-Axis machining you can hold the part in one position and rotate through the 5 axes allowing you to cut, trim and engrave on any side. This gives you greater access to angles that are not available with other machines such as a 3-Axis or 3+2 without multiple set ups. Being able to achieve the optimum angle offers a higher degree of accuracy.

Reduced manually handling

With a 5-axis router working on all possible sides there is no need to take the product off of the machine and reposition it as you would need to do with a 3-axis CNC router. Reduced manual handling results in less room for error and therefore greater efficiencies.

Faster cutting speeds

The additional axes mean that once set up has been achieved an object can be cut in a shorter amount of time without multiple set ups.

A better surface finish

A 5-axis machine can orient the tool at any angle meaning that you can get much closer to the part being worked on. This means that tools can be shorter resulting in less vibration through the tools which leads to a better surface finish.

A 5-Axis CNC Router offers unrivalled precision when creating complex shapes, repeatability and minimal wastage.

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