M43 – Thermwood 3 Axis CNC Router

High-performance 3-Axis CNC Router made from structured steel, ideal for creating custom cabinets and furniture

M43 – Thermwood 3 Axis CNC Router

High-performance 3-Axis CNC Router, the M43 is made from full stress-relieved structured steel, ideal for making custom cabinets and furniture.


  • 12 HP HSD Spindle (3,000-24,000 RPM)
  • 11 Position Bar Style Automatic Tool Changer
  • Fixed Steel High Flow Table with Moving Gantry
  • Universal Vacuum 1 or 2 Zone(s)
  • Automatic Tool Length Measurement
  • Three-Dimensional Laser Compensated Axis Alignment
  • Control Nesting
  • Siemens Intelligent Servo Drives Throughout
  • QCore SuperControl
  • Machine Training and Installation

Available Table Sizes:

4’x’8′, 5’x10′, 5’x12′, 5’x20′


Standard Features

12 HP (9kw) Spindle for 3 axis CNC router

12 HP (9 kw) Spindle

A direct driven spindle with a speed range up to 24,000 RPM. The high-frequency spindle is cooled with an electric fan for quieter running and contains ceramic bearings for longer life and for less maintenance.

Volumetric Laser Compensated Axis Alignment for complete accuracy on cnc machine

Volumetric Laser Compensated Axis Alignment

Using the most sophisticated calibration equipment results in being able to offer you the most accurate CNC machine. 

The ultimate in CNC router system control

QCore SuperControl

Designed by Thermwood to work seamlessly with its CNC machines, the Qcore Super Control system is feature rich to offer the most accurate manufacture of your part.

control nesting for 3 axis cnc router

Control Nesting

Integrated into the Thermwood control system to nest various parts into sheet stock, it also accepts layered DXF files.

Guides mounted to the CNC router for locating materials

Pop-Up Pins

These are guides which are mounted to the table perimeter for locating sheets of material.

tool changer for 3 axis cnc router

Bar Style Automatic Tool Changer

Mounted behind the rear of the table, this automatic tool changer is quick to react when the program calls for it. 

Tool length sensor for 3 axis cnc routing machine

Automatic Tool Length Sensor

Automatically compensating for for the change in tool length, the sensor offers a highly accurate method of adjusting before profiling edges.

Additional features

Automatic Lubrication

Provides positive pressure, air / oil lubrication to the linear track way bearings and the ball screws. This both prevents contamination to the bearing allowing the machine to work in dusty environments and takes away the need to manually lubricate the machine between shifts.

Unload Rake System

Once the trimming process is complete the rake pushes the product off of the CNC machine and onto a sorting table.

Pause Mats

Placed around the front perimeter of the machine. Once the mat is stepped on, the machine will stop operation.

Personal Pause Button

For both safety and peace of mind the operator can place the CNC machine into automatic pause with this fob which can easily attach to a trouser pocket.

Automatic Labeler

Prints black and white labels for the nested program and automatically labels the material prior to machining.

Custom Colors

The Model 43 is available with any of five accent colors on the transparent tooling shield and control side panel.

Vacuum Pump

A unique way of holding parts to the table, the high flow pump vacuums through the work surface to hold the part in place.