FERCELL Dust Extractor, TRV Series

The TRV-Series of self-contained, bag emptying filters is an economic and effective dust collector, developed over many years of operation, to deliver improved levels of filter performance and fan efficiency.

Classified as low pressure – high volume, they are intended for use with close-coupled ducting systems for the capture, transportation and separation of course dust participate.

The TRV-Series are available in either single, twin or triple bag arrangement and can be specified for fixed installation (secured to the floor) or mobile (mounted on optional trolley).

Supplied as a standard with filter bags manufactured from calico, the TRV-Series can also be supplied with optional, terylene needle felt woven bags or even polyester pleated cartridge filters.


Featured Benefits

  • Inexpensive and efficient to run
  • Robust build for demanding trade workshop environments
  • High airflow for effective suction, even over extended distances
  • Multiple filter technology options
  • Large collection capabilities, either in plastic waste sacks, or optional steel bins
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Fast delivery, from stock