Introducing TEC CAM – 3 and 5 Axis CNC Routers

What is a CNC machine?

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control and is a tool that follows a computer code to create a product from a specific shape and size. This is done by a computer which changes the design produced by Computer-Aided Design software into numbers, similar to coordinates in a graph. A CAM software is used to set the cutting pattern and various design package software can be used, depending on the type of machine.

What are they used for?

CNC tools are very accurate and can allow for a very precise job. These are also ideal for making many products that are exactly the same and are suitable for both small and larger-scale tasks. These powerful machines can work with a variety of materials including wood, plastic, aluminium and brass.

CNC routers are ideal for industrial work as they don’t need human supervision, and can be left to run on its own. It also works much more quickly than a human could, making for a more efficient job. Workers then don’t need to be close to heavy machinery so improves safety in the workplace.

Who are TEC CAM?

At AMS we are proud to announce we’ll be supplying Tec Cam CNC machines which come in both 3 and 5 Axis. 3 Axis CNC routers are more of a traditional machine which works upon 3 Axis, X, Y, Z and removing shavings in three directions. An overall powerful machine although it can find deeper cavity cutting a challenge. 5 Axis CNC routers are a newer piece of technology which work in 5 different directions and can be more precise than its predecessor. As with the majority of newer technology, a 5 Axis CNC machine is more expensive than a 3 Axis, however, is considered an investment and can be more beneficial in the long term.

If you would like further information and recommendations on our products, our experts have plenty of experience and can advise you on the best machine for your circumstances.

Here’s a breakdown of our new TEC CAM products.

3 Axis:

  • TEC CAM 2000 – 3 Axis CNC Router
    These tools are fantastic as they reduce the vibration which provides a precise and smooth movement for the user. The vacuum itself is mixed, grid-shaped distribution which allows for comfort whilst working. Features of this machine include helical rack and pinions and Yaskawa brushless AC servo system with digital servo drives.
  • TEC CAM MINI 60/90 – 3 Axis CNC Router
    This tool is ideal for high precision jobs with moulds, engraving and 3D designs. Can be used with both metallic and non-metallic materials like copper, plastic and wood. Perfect for processing and manufacturing several applications such as medals and titles. Features of this machine include a stress relieved cast steel structure.
  • TEC CAM 1000 – 3 Axis CNC Router
    This machine can cut through many materials including PVC, MDF, Solid Wood, Aluminium, Copper, Brass, Porexpan and Foam. Features of this machine include an automatic tool sensor and Handheld keypad with USB.

5 Axis:

  • TEC CAM 8000/9000 – 5 AXIS CNC Router
    Available in a variety of table sizes to suit your requirements.  Featuring Vacuum table with T SLOTS and Yaskawa brushless AC servo system with digital servo drives.


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