From the smallest to the biggest large scale additive manufacturing system (LSAM), Thermwood offers the most advanced 3D printing solutions.

To address the need for lower cost machines within additive manufacturing, Thermwood has developed the LSAM 1010 which was launched in America last year and is now available in the UK. With a 10 by 10 foot table, it is the smallest of the Thermwood LSAM’s, small but mighty! Like all of the LSAM models it can print and trim on the same machine however the LSAM 1010 can not do this at the same time.

The LSAM has been developed for large scale 3D printing of thermoplastic polymers. It is intended for industrial production of large scale components. Find out more about how the LSAM was used to create the first ever 3D printed bus, Olli, or the nose for a U.S. Navy submarine.

LSAM uses the “Near Net Shape” approach to part production where the part is first printed at high speed slightly larger than needed, then trimmed to the final size and shape. This is the fastest, most efficient method of 3D printing large structures. With LSAM, both printing and trimming can be done on the same machine.