Thermwood, manufacturer of some of the largest composite thermoplastic additive manufacturing systems, has announced the availability of a new line of lower cost “print only” LSAM systems, called LSAM Additive Printers.

The LSAM Additive Printers have been developed in response to requests for a smaller, lower cost additive system which still has all the features and print quality of the large flagship LSAM systems. Thermwood is now offering a line of “print only” machines built around a 30mm LSAM Print Head. Although smaller than the flagship systems, which can print over 500 pounds per hour, the 30mm print head can still print up to 100 pounds per hour, which is still a higher maximum output than virtually all other 3D printing systems available today.

Designed for those who want to print high quality, large composite thermoplastic parts but who don’t need a larger LSAM system. They are also perfect for companies who already have adequate trimming capability and therefore only need the 3D printing function.

Thermwood now offers the biggest range of large scale additive manufacturing systems for thermoplastic composites.

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