LSAM the fastest way to 3D print large tools, parts or moulds.

LSAM stands for Large Scale Additive Manufacturing. The Thermwood LSAM is a large scale 3D printer of polymers which works in a two step process, on one gantry the object is first 3D printed layer by layer and then on another gantry a 5-axis router trims the part to its exact size. The part can be printed either vertically or horizontally.

Reducing waste by up to 60%, the Thermwood L-SAM machines are ideal for industrial production of items like car parts and aeroplane wings. They are more efficient and have a much higher level of precision compared to more traditional machining.

LSAM: Product Information

LSAM Printing Process

This machine prints a large bead at room temperature. This is a process which is essentially an exercise in controlled cooling. Polymer cooling and not print head output determines the processing speed of the printer. Print head output determines how large a part you can print. Polymer cooling determines how fast you can print each layer. Parts are printed onto a patented Bead Board. This virtually eliminates cooling stresses and part warping. A patented compression wheel fuses layers together while generating highly precise print bead dimensions. This is measured in thousandths of an inch.

What is it Used For?

L-SAM is intended for the production of large scale components. They’re built from steel plates using slot and tab construction. This means the machine itself is stronger than the usual structural steel machine construction. These powerful machines can print both horizontally and vertically. Our L-SAM machines are ideal for industrial productions of things like car parts and aeroplane wings. They are efficient and can complete the task efficiently. They also have a better level of precision in comparison to more traditional machines.

A Printer That Works Differently: Extruder Screw Technology

L-SAM uses extruder screw design and a polymer melt pump for its additive manufacturing. This technology means there’s no need to change the screws when processing different polymers. L-SAM is unique in that it can process most materials with the same screw and metal pump. The changeable Melt Core means you can increase print head throughput for large parts on the same machine. Parts are printed horizontally, or with an optional vertical layer print system. This means that parts can be printed that are as tall as the machine table length.