Machine: Large Scale Additive Manufacturing (LSAM)

Material: Carbon fibre filled ABS

Product: Composite tooling materials including parts for the LSAM

Company: Airtech

Gregory Hayes, Director of Additive Manufacturing at Airtech, walks us through one of their two LSAM systems and how they  believe the Thermwood LSAM is the future of 3D printing. Using the LSAM has allowed Airtech to optimise their build time, making their offering more competitive.

“Unique to this machine (LSAM) we also have the VLP option, which means we can actually print sideways. Imagine the part growing towards you as it’s being built. This allows us to best orientate your part, to optimise the build time, the weight to make sure we get you the best tool, with the best performance in the least amount of time.” Gregory Hayes, Director of Additive Manufacturing.