Water Jets

3-axis and 5-axis water jet cutting tools

Water jet cutting tools use extremely high-pressure water jets to cut and shape materials, including aluminium, stone and glass. Professional quality machines may use a jet of pure water or water containing abrasives, such as garnet or aluminium oxide. Water jet CNC machines are accurate to within hundredths of a millimetre and another key benefit is that as the water removes any heat created by the cutting process, there is no heat build-up at the cutting surface. The water can be reused thanks to our cleaning systems, making it cost effective as well.

Industrial water jet cutting machines

At Advanced Machine Systems, we offer both 3- and 5-axis water jet cutting machines in a variety of sizes. The machines we stock are intended for industrial applications, and can be adapted to suit your needs. As a full-service CNC machine supplier, we can help you assess your needs and determine whether a water jet system is the best option for your needs. We also supply extras, including compatible design and control software; water treatment systems; desludging systems; height sensors; cutting jet monitoring cameras and more. We can also provide installation at your site, ongoing maintenance and support.