5 Axis Water Jets

High Quality 5 Axis Water Jet Systems

Our 5 Axis Water Jet Cutting Machines are extremely powerful pieces of equipment which utilise strong water jets and an intense speed to cut through materials. It's controlled by a computer by a precision X-Y motion system is used to create the desired cut.  It’s a lot more precise than conventional methods. Abrasive materials like aluminium oxide may be added to the jet of water to assist with the machines cutting. Using water to cut and shape materials is more economical as it can be reused, and there is no heat build-up. Another advantage of a water jet cutting machine is that it doesn’t release any hazardous dust and flames, although of course appropriate safety measures still need to be taken. Our 5 Axis Water Jets are made for universal use in mechanical engineering and industry. It has an added benefit of being able to have upgrades installed to the current machine instead of buying a new one. As well as our standard features we offer optional equipment for advanced usage.