5 Axis CNC Routers

5 Axis CNC Routers and Cutters

A 5-axis CNC router is ideal for producing complex 3D shapes using cutting, engraving, trimming, drilling and other techniques. CNC routers combine many traditional machine shop tools and techniques in one package, and on a 5-axis CNC router, the tool head can approach the piece from any direction, as it moves and twists through 3 linear axes and 2 rotational axes. With automatically changing tool heads, the 5-axis CNC router can do many jobs in a single go that would require an entire workshop of highly skilled operators to complete on conventional machines.

Bespoke 5 Axis CNC Router Systems

Our carefully selected machines include a number of 5-axis CNC routers suitable for a wide range of workshop, small and large industrial settings. By offering a full suite of routers, tool heads and accessories, we’re able to provide and install a full or partial system to meet your specific needs. As an example, we can provide a full set up, from CAD and CAM software through the machine itself to lighting systems and remote control systems, or simply provide the elements you need to complete your existing set up, whether that’s a replacement tool head, a new table or staff training.