CNC Lasers

What are CNC Lasers?

CNC lasers are a more modern and efficient way of working. They are more precise than traditional methods and therefore don’t waste as many resources. This is a great technique to save money. Different systems are good for different things. Laser cutting operates by pointing the output of a high-power laser most commonly through optics. Different Models can engrave foam, wood, concrete and some metals, so is an extremely helpful tool. Some systems are able to operate through a computer, guided by a USB stick with that particular job saved on.

CNC Laser Cutting & Engraving Machines

Our high quality CNC laser cutting machines are more efficient than older methods of production and are often far more precise. This means less wastage in your productions and a great way to save money. Depending on which system you choose, you can cut or engrave wood, foam, concrete and some metals, which makes it a valuable tool in your chest. Some of our systems can be operated without being attached to a computer, you can simply insert a USB stick with the job saved on it, which is great if space is an issue or if multiple people will need access to the system.

CNC CO2 & Fibre Lasers

CNC CO2 lasers have been used in workshops for a long time. The lasers operate via a gas-filled resonator and use mirrors to point the beam. They are a great machine for cutting and engraving materials. These machines are best suited for good edge quality on thicker or specialised materials. Because these machines have been around for longer and are used more widely than lasers for fibre, some manufacturers tend to use them more comfortably.

CNC fibre lasers are used for a more specific style of job. They appeared in 2008, so they were there for a shorter time than CO2 lasers. Even on thicker materials they have a high cutting speed. They are also able to cut reflective materials such as brass and copper. TIts kind of laser is created by diode banks, which are then pointed and amplified through a fiber optic cable. This can be things such as tube and laser cutting/engraving. There is no actual contact with the material during laser cutting, it is cut at a distance via the lasers. A laser fiber cutter needs fewer parts and maintenance over time, although it will be more expensive in the beginning. Therefore, overall they are more popular.

If you are unsure, our experts are more than happy to help find the CNC laser you need. Just check out our CNC Consultancy services page today!

CNC Lasers for Businesses

At Advanced Machine Systems, we have a wide range of high quality fibre laser cutters. This includes CO2 and fibre lasers so when you are looking to purchase your new CNC power laser or if you need more information about the difference between fibre and CO2 lasers, talk to our expert team about your requirements and we will help you to get the right machine for your team. Call us on 03300 949400 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you and improving your production methods for laser engraving and laser cut.