Thermwood has unveiled a new LSAM additive print technical capability that insures complete fusion between large scale thermoplastic printed layers whilst making print temperature control completely automatic.

Thermwood’s Large Scale Additive Manufacturing (LSAM) systems are already producing almost perfectly fused large scale thermoplastic composite structures across various sectors including transport and defense.

When printing thermoplastic material, each polymer has an ideal print temperature at which the best fusion between layers occurs. This new system automatically maintains this ideal temperature.

Called “Thermal Sensor Layer Automation”, it continuously measures the temperature of a printed layer just before a new bead is added. This allows the machine to automatically adjust the feed speed, using “Layer Time Control”, to print at, or very close to, the perfect temperature needed to achieve the best possible fusion. This results in superior printed part quality. Until now, these adjustments relied primarily on operator skill and judgement. Now it is not only totally automatic, but also much more precise.

The new process uses a non-contact temperature sensor and continuously measures the temperature of the existing layer less than a half inch in front of the moving print nozzle. This provides precise feedback of the temperature at the moment of layer fusion, creating bond integrity.

Retrofits Available

Existing LSAM customers can also upgrade their current systems to the new Thermal Sensor Layer Automation System. Please contact us for more information.