Machine: Thermwood Large Scale Additive Manufacturing (LSAM) Machine

Material: Recycled thermoplastic polymers

Product: Olli Electric Bus

Company: Local Motors

Local Motors are a ground breaking mobility company, focused on shaping the future for the better. What better way to develop their next generation electric bus Olli than to team up with Thermwood to be the first company to 3D print a bus? The Thermwood Large Scale Additive Manufacturing (LSAM) technology is specifically developed to reduce waste materials – part of Local Motors environmental ethos.

At 10 by 40 foot, the largest Thermwood LSAM to date, the Thermwood LSAM was able to print 80% of the bus.

Olli is the next generation electric bus, printed in recycled materials, it has been designed as a campus bus rather than one to take you from city to city due to its size and speed.

The LSAM has been developed for large scale 3D printing of thermoplastic polymers. It is intended for industrial production of large scale components.