Why choose a 3-Axis CNC Router?

Having the right tool for the job is vital, which is why we sell a variety of 3-axis CNC routers. They have different specialities and have different sizes to choose from to fit perfectly in the size you have available, while still supporting your work. Materials that can be used with our CNC machines vary but many include various types of wood, plastic, aluminium and custom furniture. If you have any questions about our CNC routers, please get in touch with our expert team who will be happy to give you the answers you need to get your new CNC 3-axis router.

3 Axis CNC Routers: Product Information

A 3-axis CNC router is the most popular CNC machine sold. Why? Because many products produced in the UK can be made on them, they have a quick set up time and importantly their price. They are ideal for creating 2-dimensional products with absolute precision. 

What is it Used For?

The MultiPurpose Three Axis Series of routers from Thermwood are highly flexible, making them ideal for a variety of manufacturing applications.